MC-02A QI wireless charger

MC-02A QI wireless chargerI have just bought an MC-02A QI wireless charger (QI is pronounced chee, apparently). This one is a cheap (£15) version off ebay and has the model number, MC-02A printed on the back and Q9 on the packaging. It came with a mains adaptor and a USB to microUSB lead. The power supply is labelled as 240V 2000mA input and 5V 1000mA output. I bought it to charge my LG-made Google Nexus 5 mobile phone that has wireless charging capability built in and based on the QI wireless charger standard.

There appears to be two LEDs under the plastic at the opposite end to the power input. These LEDs are only visible when illuminated. One is blue and the other is green. I am not totally sure what these are meant to indicate and the rather crudely translated instruction leaflet is of little help. From what I can tell the blue one lights up when charging is underway. There are many times, though, when the blue and green LEDs light up alternately and I do not know what that means. It still seems to be charging when this occurs. Anyone have any clues?

MC-02A QI wireless charger

As soon as I place the Nexus 5 onto the charging pad the blue LED flickers a couple of times and then stays steady. At the same time the screen of the phone turns on and a small notification window appears informing me that the phone is wirelessly charging. That’s it! It then reliably charges right up to 100% charge and, provided the phone isn’t chugging away at anything, remains cool whilst so doing.




MC-02A QI wireless charger

MC-02A QI wireless charger



So, would I recommend wireless charging? Of course I would. It doesn’t sound like such a time saving thing not having to plug the cable into your phone. After all, it takes about 5 seconds, right? Well, sometimes, l get the plug the wrong way round or force it a little too much for comfort and then have to turn it around and try again. I can tell you, not having to do that and simply place it down onto your charging pad really is liberating. I find myself charging up the phone at times I would never have done previously and it’s made me want to upgrade my 2012 Nexus 7 to the newer one that has wireless charging built in!

Have you got one of these? What does it mean when the green LED flashes?


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