WordPress website maintenance package

Get a Wordpress website maintenance package if your WordPress website is not working. WordPress is a fantastic tool to create and manage your web presence. It’s used to power nearly 70 million websites worldwide and accounts for nearly 60% of all CMS (content management system) installations! You chose well! WordPress themselves like to say it is both free and priceless at the same time: but it is also complex and things can and do go wrong. WordPress regularly push out new updates to plug security loopholes, improve performance, iron out bugs and introduce new features. If you don’t update your WordPress installation you can be missing out on these benefits. Worse still you can expose your site to security vulnerabilities and this also applies to your plugins and themes. Not everyone feels confident to tackle these updates or indeed have the time. How would you cope if something went wrong with your site causing it to go down? Would your business suffer as a result?

Things that can put your website at risk

These are some of the things that can put your site at risk or make it work for you less efficiently. Some of these are minor and some are major:

What would you do if your site got hacked or just disappeared?

Read on for the solution.
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WordPress website maintenance packages

I will manage all these things for you. Having a professional take on these tasks allows you to run your organisation rather than worrying about maintaining your website. I can offer you a WordPress website maintenance package for a monthly fee to take away the worry of the expense should the worst happen. Your website “Will just work!” and it will work smoothly, safely and reliably.

"Essentials" package

£25per month *

includes the following services:

  • Updates I’ll make sure your WordPress installation, plug-ins and themes are always up-to-date so you benefit instantly from security and functionality updates
  • Hosting and domain names I will monitor your expiry dates and renew these services in good time before you lose access to your site or domain name. Also, if you haven’t asked me already I can host your site on super fast and reliable cloud servers to ensure maximum speed and reliability
  • Backups your website needs regular backups to protect your business from loss due to misconfiguration, hacking, or other failures. The extent and frequency of backups will depend on how often you update your site’s content. You can rest assured I will quickly re-instate your website should the worst happen

“Extra” package most popular

£40per month *

includes everything in “Essentials” plus the following:

  • Site statisticsI can send you regular reports in an understandable format about your site’s statistics such as how many visitors you receive; impact on advertising campaigns; social media uptake; etc
  • Uptime monitoring I will monitor your site’s availability on the web 24/7 and if it goes down I will endeavour to correct any issues as soon as possible – maybe before your customers even notice
  • Security looking after the security of your site and maintaining a recovery solution can be a major task. As WordPress is so popular on the Internet it can be prone to attacks by hackers. I will make every effort to protect your site from such attacks by blocking attempts 24/7 and linking in with a central database of vulnerabilities. If the worst should happen you can leave it to me to sort it out for you
  • 1 hour of updates I will make amendments to your website as you request for up to 1 hour per month **

“Complete” package

£60per month *

includes everything in “Essentials” and “Extra” plus the following:

  • Comment spam management spammers are always finding new ways to circumvent spamming protection but I will always try to be one step ahead of them. I’ll help you deal with annoying spam you receive from blog post comments so you’ll receive considerably less.
  • SEO optimisation improvements and adviceI will take care of your site to make sure it continues to work in a search-engine-friendly way. I can offer you content and social media marketing advice and change your site’s layout to increase traffic, thus boosting your profits
  • 1 hour of general IT telephone and email support ring or email me for support and advice about your organisation’s IT related issues for up to one hour per month**
* for large and/or complex sites I reserve the right to increase these costs but only after consultation
** does not roll on to following months
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