Web Design

A website is not just a website
Your website design needs to: be easy on the eye; attract your potential customers and keep them interested; communicate your company values and message to your new and existing customers; extend an invitation for potential customers to make that initial contact; offer your customers the services they need to interact with your company in the online world; have the ability to regularly and easily update the content to provide your customers with new information about your company and services
I will help you to provide these things to your customers through the magic of the World Wide Web!

Premium Service

You get your very own personal partner who will lead you every step of the way through the process of getting your enterprise online.

Let me be clear - I do not offer a cheapo, off the shelf, install and forget service!

You are getting a premium product and premium service at a price you'll be happy with.

Everything you need is all under one roof - no need to shop for multiple providers

Cloud Hosting

Once I have secured your new domain name and designed your website you’ll need somewhere to ‘host’ it. That’s the physical location on the Internet where your site is stored and accessed by your visitors.

Whilst it's not strictly necessary, I would like to host your website myself so that I have total control over its functions and accessibility and so that I can provide you with assurances of its availability to your customers.

I work with one of the UK’s leading, award-winning Internet cloud hosts so your website will be hosted on super fast UK servers with a 99.9% uptime. See this post about the benefits of cloud hosting

I will take away all the worry and uncertainty of bringing your enterprise to life on the World Wide Web!

Because I will be hosting your website for you I can give you comprehensive statistics such as how many visits your site attracts and which pages are the most popular. If there are any issues with your site you can rest assured I will sort it out quickly and efficiently. Check out the maintenance packages I offer too

Hosting-only Service I can also offer hosting-only deals if your existing hosting package is coming to an end or if you wish to maintain your own web services. You’ll get full access to your cpanel with many one-click install apps. If you’re interested in improving the speed and reliability of your website then I’d love to hear from you.

Domain Name Registration

You'll need a domain name that matches your company name. This might be tricky as most of the good ones have already been taken so I would advise not registering your company name until you've considered the domain name. Once you've decided, I'll take on the responsibility of the domain name registration. There are many Top Level Domains (TLDs) and you should think carefully about which one(s) you choose. For example, you might choose the domain name, yourcompanyname.co.uk if you are based in the UK or yourcompanyname.com may feel more professional to you. If you are going to set up a blog then a .me domain name might suit you. There is plenty of advice on this subject available on the internet so I recommend you do some research before deciding. Don’t forget there are all the new TLD names now such as .florist .cooking .computer – just about anything you could want! I'll always help you to choose.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Of course, your new website needs to be ranked highly by search engines. You’ll want your prospective customers to find your website when they search for the kind of services you offer. I use WordPress to design and build your website which has decent search engine optimisation (SEO) built in so you won’t need to worry. However, if SEO is really important to you, I can always go that extra mile to really make sure you are highly visible near the top of searches.

Don't forget an Email service!

You'll be needing an email address to match your domain name. Nobody wants to see you running a business with a gmail or hotmail address! I'll host your email server along with your website and show you how to access your emails in a number of ways.
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A quick initial chat costs nothing and sets your mind at ease whilst giving me an idea of what you need.

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