What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

benefits of cloud hostingBenefits Of Cloud Hosting

All the websites that I host have just been upgraded to brand new cloud servers. This is a ‘really big thing’! It means I can offer all my customers an advanced, stable environment for their websites, apps and other online projects. This was a free upgrade for all my existing customers and my new customers will go onto cloud servers from now on.  

So, what are the main benefits of cloud hosting?


Your websites and databases are powered by multiple servers, so there’s no single point of failure. This means that should one server be out of action for any period of time for whatever reason, another will take over to ensure that your web services are still fully working and accessible. This insures your reputation and prevents any loss of business or traffic.  


Faster page load speeds mean your visitors enjoy a better browsing experience regardless of when and how they choose to access your website. This ensures all my clients get the best possible service.  


The cloud clusters are set up to support each other and instantly provide the fastest and best option to serve your website at any given moment. Created by some of the most experienced people in the hosting industry, the platform has been built in-house from the ground up to ensure it suits the host’s systems and infrastructure perfectly.  


Downtime has been practically eliminated, which means happier businesses and happier visitors across the board. Your website is always available when you and your customers need it.   Have I missed any other benefits of cloud hosting? What is the most important thing when choosing a web host?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.    

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